As President of CLIC-ACTION, I would like to generate donations to La Fondation de l'Autisme, with the help of our customers.

Why :

I am a grand father of a very kind and graceful child with TSA, and I can help his parents, to keep him with me, only 5 Hours per week.

Doing so, I understand the stress on their own life :

24H on 24H active presence, repeating same words and actions all day long.

Parents with TSA children are heroes, for my point of view.

We must give them Free help, gifts and attention.

How :  Our customers use our notifications on OUIII in order to get customers in shops or on line, giving them discount or product information.

I ask them to give a small amount of cash or gifts dedicated to La Fondation de l'Autisme, each time we bring them a customer.

These small amounts will be given to pay for free help for TSA parents.

I also want to help TSA parents to have fun moments, so I ask our customers to give gifts to them ( Shows, Sports matchs, Tickets for fuel by example). All these gifts will be sent by notifications on OUIII to TSA parents, at the right time on the right place for the right interests.

CLIC-ACTION team will contact its customers, but you can contact us, if you want to participate.

Thank you.




  • ExclusiveArt.Auction​ will offer multiple Hours of rest time for every online purchase. If you have quality artwork for sale, contact them.

  • will offer multiple hours of rest time for every online purchase. If you have rarity for sale, contact them.

  • The artists of the A.V.Q ( Visual Artists of Quebec) participate in donations, giving 10% of sales generated in city centers and shopping malls with the OUiii app. If you are a visual artist in Quebec, contact them.